H1 Literally an old chip off the block

H2 Literally an old chip off the block

H3 Literally an old chip off the block

H4 Literally an old chip off the block

Michael Reinsch, a journalist from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a nationwide daily newspaper, was initially denied an interview with the Hessen Athletics Association on the grounds of a gagging order. A limited press session was later agreed with the attendance of Thomas Kurschilgen, sports director of the Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband (German Athletics Association), to dismiss the rumours.

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  • Slide Out – Main Menu
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  • Secondary – Currently set to Categories


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  • Safe SVG – required to display SVG images
  • Light Weight Social Icons – Footer and Slide out
  • Scriptless Social Sharing – Bottom of post content


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  • Typography inc. Root Font & Drop Cap
  • Colours and Borders
    Navigation Search styling
    Secondary Navigation Top Border
    Blog Article Styling > Background Colours and Borders
    Social Share Icon colours > Overwrite default brand
    Lightweight Social Icons  > Transparent Background
  • Site Header
    Logo sizing
    Site Header Z-index (position in over Nav)
    Relative container for absolute positioning of navigation
  • Page Headers > Single Post Header H1 Title and H4 Meta
  • Navigation & Menus
    Position Site Navigation > Primary, Secondary, Slide out
    Archive Pagination Navigation inc. Background Colours
  • Page and Articles
    Single Post Page > Fixed Column Width and Extended Container|
    Blog Page > CSS Grid (beware there be dragons), element padding and hide icons.
  • Footer
    Footer Logo Sizing
    Single Widget Alignment (Flex Justify Center)
  • Flex Container
    Inside Footer Widgets, Slide Out Widget, Primary Menu
  • Widgets and Plugins
    Lightweight Social Icons and Scriptless Social Sharing

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